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By clicking “Accept and Register” you indicate that you accept the following customer agreements of OTT.

Please carefully read the terms of this customer notice before booking and purchasing the tour group and products related to the tour group on the website of www.aotrip.com, so that you can fully understand the rights and responsibilities of both parties. As a customer of aotrip.com, you must agree with the content you read, understand and agree to the following terms, and agree to all of its content, including some other updates. Aotrip.com reserves the right to final interpretation.

Travel rights
Tour guides may recommend self-financed items to guests during the trip, and guests can decide whether or not to participate. If a tour guide violates the contract during a trip, passengers have the right of refusal. In case of disputes, please negotiate with the tour guide first. If a resolution is not possible, please report the incident to us and we will do our best to solve the problem. In order to effectively protect the interests of our guests, passengers are requested to contact us for mediation before the dispute begins. For complaints after the itinerary is finished, the travel agency reserves the right to decline involvement if there is insufficient evidence to establish a case.

The components of our tour products are provided by qualified local agencies that have been selected through the strict evaluation of Aotrip.com. Aotrip.com is only responsible for providing facilities, transportation, and accurate descriptions of tour products. Aotrip.com cannot be responsible for any disruptions caused by extraordinary circumstances or any other inconveniences that arise during the consumption of tour services.

Your eligibility
You must be an individual aged 21 or over. If you are under 21 years of age, you can use Aotrip.com under the guidance of a parent or legal guardian.

Your responsibility
Before you book, you are responsible for reading all the relevant information about the package you want to buy, including: price and notices, route introduction, what is included in the group fee, what is not included, cancellation and refund policy, various terms, and special tips. Once you have read and fully understood all of the tour information, there should be no objections after purchase.

Booking procedures and electronic group tickets
1. After you submit your booking, you will immediately receive a booking receipt via E-Mail.

2. You will receive a confirmation email from us within one or two working days after you submit your reservation.

3. The electronic version of the group ticket will be sent to you by email two to three days before your departure or earlier, and this electronic ticket will contain all the details about your tour group. For your convenience and reconfirmation, we will include the information of the local tour group supplier as well.

4. You only need to print out your electronic group ticket and attach a valid photo ID on the day of the group tour, to be shown to the tour guide. Please remember that the electronic group ticket is your proof of purchase.

You can contact your flight and local tour group supplier before departure to reconfirm your arrival and pick up times.

Privacy and data collection
Aotrip.com is the sole processer of information collected on the website. We will not sell, share, or lease your information to anyone. Aotrip.com collects user information from different sites to process orders and better use related information to serve you. This information includes name, shipping address, account address, phone number, email address, and payment information such as credit card details. Aotrip.com also requires you to submit a username and password in order to access your information. You must ensure that your username and password are confidential and not shared with anyone else.

Aotrip.com’s information security use will be detailed in the privacy and security policy . Aotrip.com’s privacy and security policy is part of this agreement, and you agree to give us the right to use the data mentioned, regardless of To violate your privacy and public rights.

Safe uses of information by Aotrip.com will be described in the privacy and safety policies, which are a part of this agreement. Your consent to the use of the aforementioned data will not be considered as infringement upon your privacy and public right.

Registration and login
In order to make it more convenient to participate in special email offers, our website may streamline the login process. If you follow an Aotrip.com email link while logged in to an email that is registered with an Aotrip.com account, our website will treat that as a login. This process will not leak your personal information, but please ensure that your mailbox is secure.

Travel Insurance
Aotrip.com strongly recommends that you purchase insurance that covers medical care, trip cancellation, and luggage items. Aotrip.com currently does not provide any itinerary arrangements. The travel products listed on the website are operated by independent tour group suppliers. Oriental Tour & Travel is a tour group supplier, transportation, sightseeing, and hotel accommodation agent. Aotrip.com will not take any responsibility for accidents, including lost or damaged items, rescue of the wounded, death on passage, or delays and irregular operations. Matters will be resolved according to resolutions specified by airlines, hotels, and bus companies. Aotrip.com is not responsible for any expenses or damages caused by disputes between you and tour group suppliers or third parties, including all matters related to this website or the use of information on the site. You must not publish any information about Aotrip.com and its members and subsidiary bodies.

Trip change and cancellation
The tour group supplier will try to ensure that the itinerary is consistent with expectations. However, in order to ensure a smooth trip, the tour group supplier reserves the right to change, postpone or cancel the itinerary due to weather, traffic, temporary failures of the tour bus, and other uncontrollable reasons.

The tour supplier reserves the right to cancel the itinerary if the number of participants is insufficient to complete the tour before departure. Aotrip.com will notify you in advance.

The tour supplier reserves the right to change the tour bus due to insufficient number of participants.

All temporary actions taken by tour group suppliers will be considered in the interests of the entire group. These decisions are taken without the involvement of Aotrip.com, but we will do our utmost to assist Aotrip VIPs in fighting for their rights and interests.

Passports and visas
You are responsible for carrying all travel documents and/or all necessary documents necessary to enter and/or pass through any country in your chosen route. Passengers of difference nationalities are subject to different entry laws. Aotrip.com will not keep customers' private travel documents or bear the responsibility of informing customers of the current document requirements of each country. You are responsible for all costs of delays or itinerary changes due to lack of travel documents.

You should strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the country you visit, including immigration and customs laws and regulations. Aotrip.com is not responsible for fines incurred from violating the laws and regulations of the country you visit.

Price, cancellation, and refund policies
All travel product prices are in US dollars. The price may vary at different times. For example, prices will increase on holidays. All prices need to be confirmed. Detailed rules and regulations will be described in cancellation and change policies. The cancellation and refund policy of Aotrip.com is part of this agreement. Before you book, you must make sure that you have read and agreed to all of its contents.

“Buy two get two free” and “buy two get one free” tour groups only take effect under applicable conditions. If you modify or cancel after the itinerary is confirmed, you may be charged a fee. For cancellations at least 7 days in advance before departure, an additional fee may be charged depending on the specific policies of the tour. For cancellations made within 7 days, fees will be charged according to cancellation and change regulations. If the free participants are absent on the day of departure, they will be fined a charged a penalty (per person) according to the standards set by each group.

For more information about the cancellation and change regulations of Aotrip.com, please refer to the cancellation and change regulations. Cancellation and change regulations are all part of the Aotrip.com customer agreement. Consent to the agreement indicates that you have read and agreed to the contents of the agreement before booking.

Voluntary refund
You must not object to Aotrip.com’s use of electronic records of Discover, MasterCard, VISA, American Express or any bank credit card in order to issue refunds. You acknowledge that Aotrip.com operates through email, so the services we provide are sent by email. You cannot ask for a group ticket to be collected in person or by mail. Please accept e-mail as the medium of communication and notify Discover, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and the bank that issued the credit card that we will send your reservation by email. If Aotrip.com can provide an electronic version of the group ticket has been sent by e-mail (with computer records and time certification); or by post (with a signed statement that someone has delivered the group ticket at a postal service office in the US), you must not dispute the charges for having received basic services.

You should not dispute charges in an improper way, e.g. a voluntary refund under conditions Aotrip.com disagrees with. If you make an improper voluntary refund (as determined by Aotrip.com), you will have to refund all fees. Additionally, you must provide a written statement to the credit card company confirming that the fee is reasonable. For an improper voluntary refund, Aotrip.com will take legal action to retrieve it and charge fees. If Aotrip.com files a successful suit, you will also bear the cost of litigation.

Division of Responsibilities
Aotrip.com will try its best to provide customers with correct, complete, and up-to-date information, but some technical and typographical errors may occur. Customers are obliged to verify information before use. We have the right to make any modifications and updates without prior notice. The customer bears all risks of accessing the information on the website. We will provide links to other websites for your convenience. These websites have nothing to do with Aotrip.com, and we are not responsible for the content they provide. You should be vigilant when accessing content, so as to avoid viruses or other hazards.

Legal Notice

This agreement abides by and follower with the laws of New York, the U.S., and does not conflict with its legal terms. Once the customer makes use of Aotrip.com and enjoys the services provided by it, this agreement is in effect and its provisions should be enforced to their full extent.

Aotrip.com’s failure to support or enforce any of the provisions of this agreement is not considered a waiver of any authority or regulation. This agreement cannot be used as a as a voucher or proof of Aotrip.com's cooperation appointment, joint venture, or agency relations with product suppliers or other companies and groups. Product suppliers and any other company groups have no right to exercise any obligations or responsibilities in the name of Aotrip.com. The agreement was made between the customer and Aotrip.com for the customer's use of Aotrip.com.

Cancellation and change regulations

* Once your order is successfully submitted, we will start the scheduled program for you. Generally we will send a confirmation to you within one or two working days. After the scheduled program is started, cancellation fees will take effect immediately. If your reservation fails to be confirmed due to full seats or inability to form a group, we will refund the full amount. Each guest is recommended to read the refund regulations carefully and also buy a travel insurance policy. Please check the travel insurances which you can choose from.

* The following expense standard for order cancellation should be applicable to all reservations including tour groups and related services, hotel feeder service and others, excluding all special rates for groups mentioned in "Special Remarks" on the tour guide page.

Cancellation time Refund limit

7 days before departure Nonrefundable

8-14 days before departure 50% of booking fee

15-29 days before departure 75% of booking fee

30 or more days before departure 90% of booking fee

For Yellowstone cabin bookings, requests to change the name or number of guests will result in a 35% penalty if made less than 30 days before departure.

* Refund will not be accepted after the trip starts.

* Aotrip.net rejects requests for room-sharing without exception. If a customer voluntarily shares a room with others, refund will not be accepted.

* All hotels and schedules will be arranged in advance. If anyone is absent on the day of departure, refund will not be accepted. Once hotel reservation is confirmed, expenses will not be refunded.

*For tour groups with price including air tickets, all fees for air tickets will not be refunded, and flight time should not be changed.

*Refund will not be accepted for a tour group that is marked with "once confirmed, departure date cannot be changed and fees not refunded" in the "Special Remarks" section of the tour guide page, so please read carefully.

*For a tour group that departs within 7 days, the departure date cannot be changed. Please see details in the cancellation section.

*Provided the customer has to cancel the order for any reason, bank telegraphic transfer fee and cancellation fee will be deducted from the refund.

*If bank transfer, bank telegraphic transfer, and draft/traveler's cheque/bank cheque are implemented in the U.S., we will handle the relevant refund through PayPal and check.

*All tour groups should be cancelled only by Aotrip.com rather than travel agencies.

*A few tour groups have to depart only when the number of people reaches the limit, we will give a full refund or recommend similar substitute product for all customers influenced by that. However, this case rarely happens because we try our best to satisfy customer demand

*We will handle with your request for cancellation and refund within 1-7 working days. Please note that cancellation in form of voice mails or email notice is not accepted

* For cancellation, you must contact a customer service and email an electronic cancellation application form with your signature.

Headquarters in the U.S. 11 East Broadway Suite 9B, New York 10038

USA Phone: 800-508-6936; 718-445-7445; 718-445-7446

* please contact customer service and send scanned copy or electronic cancellation application form to a specific email address.

* Please fill in following fields in the form: order number, full name of booking person, email address, group departure date, group name, transaction date of credit card (time of product order), transaction amount, telephone number, and short description of cancellation reasons (we have to know the exact information before evaluating your refund application.)

* Fee for order change:

After an order is successfully placed, if you want to change any details like departure time and pickup location, we may charge for each instance of order change depending on the specific policies of the tour.

If a customer has to cancel an order whose departure date has been changed, Aotrip.net will charge fees according to the original departure date.

If a customer wants to add the number of people in a tour group, we will charge for each order according to the specific tour’s policy. We will confirm seat reservation with you within one or two working days upon receiving your order change request. If a customer plans to decrease the number of people in a tour group, we may charge fees according to cancellation policies.

For tourists with free access from "buy two and get one free" or "buy two and get two free" and wants to cancel the trip within 7 days before departure, please refer to "Special Remarks" on the specific group page for cancellation fee.

Your purchase will initiate a reservation process. We will confirm with you via email within one to two business days. The cancellation fee will take into effect once you submit your reservation. If your purchase can not be confirmed for any reason, we will fully refund your purchase without any additional charges. We recommend each customer to fully evaluate the cancellation policy and also consider purchasing a travel insurance policy. Please review our Travel Insurance Packages.

All hotel and tour schedules are arranged ahead of time. Any person failing to appear on the day of departure shall not be refunded.

Cancellation Made Within Cancellation Fee

7 Days Prior to Departure Date 100% of Reservation Cost

8-14 Days Prior to Departure Date 50% of Reservation Cost

15-29 Days Prior to Departure Date 25% of Reservation Cost

30 or More Days Prior to Departure Date 10% of Reservation Cost

The Cancellation Fees listed here will apply to all reservations, unless the tour booked has specific rates or fees listed under "Special Notes".

No refund shall be given for any portions of the tour unused by the customer after departure of the tour regardless of reason. For tours that include airfare, airfare is completely non-refundable.

All cancellations must be made directly with aotip.com, not with providers.

Credit card payment verification certificate

For what and when will we ask for relevant certification document and certificate:

Aotrip.com will spare no efforts to ensure the safety for your online shopping. To avoid credit card fraud, please provide relevant verification documents and certificates if your order meets any one of the following criteria:

Credit card holder will not attend the tour group.

Your credit card address cannot be verified by the system Order total exceeds $1800

What verification documents and certificates we may need:

1.A photocopy of a valid identity of the cardholder (Valid documents include passport, driver’s license with a signature of the license holder that is issued by the U.S., or an ID card with a signature of the holder that is issued by the U.S. government)

2. Credit card payment verification certificate that is filled in completely and has the signature of the holder and signing date (download authorization link).

3. Please attach a photocopy of the passport of the tourist, if the cardholder is not a member of the tour group. Two ways for sending relevant verification documents and certificates:

Email: copy of the supporting documents and proofs, scanned copy or digital photo of relevant verification documents and certificate Mail:

U.S. Offices: 11 East Broadway Suite 9B, NY 10038 or 136-18 39th Ave, 1006, Flushing NY 11354

Thanks for your cooperation and support

Please note that we will issue your electronic ticket only when we confirm the reception of your verification documents and certificates.

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